Roman coins on DVD  

Look at the astonishing features of this DVD, unique of its kind:

over 22.000 pictures (11.000 coins) 

of Imperial, Provincial and Republican coins.

Twelve good reasons for choosing this DVD

  1. Many sellers try to sell their products boasting its better quality or its lower price or many other "better" features.
    I can't say that for the simple reason that this product is UNIQUE!

  2. It's PRACTICAL! Try to imagine the size and weight of a book containing over 22.000 pictures! ..... a part from the fact that no book exists with neither half the quantity of these images!

  3. It's CHEAP! Yes, less than 0,5 cents per coin!

  4. It's a RELIABLE reference both for the beginner and for the experienced collector.

  5. POWERFUL search engine will help you to find objects, deities and abbreviations on coins.

  6. All pictures sharpness and richness of DETAILS ever seen before.

  7. Each coin is provided with obverse and reverse description, weight, diameter, metal, mint, and all other information needed to SATISFY the most exigent collector.

  8. Emperors' BIOGRAPHICAL data will introduce you more deeply into the history of ancient Rome.

  9. Thanks to the value provided for each coins you can easily check the value of YOUR OWN collection.

  10. Explore deities, personifications and objects on coins reverse and find out their HIDDEN meanings.

  11. SORTING capabilities according to emperor's name, metal and kind of coin.

  12. Coins CATALOGUING made according to major references.

. . . . .  and YOU will discover many other reasons  . . . . . ! ! !

The only

product with over


 Roman coins 

pictures !